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The Stelio house is a home of our ancestors, where the present owner was born. Long ago the Franciscans lived in this house, for which reason it has still preserved a special atmosphere of peace and comfort, to which the accomodation of the first category has been added. Its wide old-time walls will protect you from great heat during the summer, and will preserve a warm and pleasant atmosphere in the winter. The house consists of the appartments for 4 persons, one appartment for 2 persons and 2 rooms with bathrooms, satellite TV and Internet connection.

The parking place is enclosed and illuminated.

Your hosts are a young four-member PERUŠKO family- Stelio, Mirta, Matija and Marsel. Stelio takes care of logistics and growing of agricultural products, Mirta will enable you to enjoy many delicious meals prepared in a manner of our ancestors, and Matija and Marsel will be at your service for any other need you might have.

We are looking forward to Your visit!

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